History of Old Silkstone Band

In 1861, civil war broke out in America, serfdom was abolished in Russia, Prince Albert died in England, and Coniah Stringer founded Old Silkstone Band.

Coniah Stringer was the then choirmaster at All Saints Church, Silkstone. At this time the Church possessed a harmonium, which, accompanied by a few string instruments, led the singing of the choir. When a pipe organ was acquired the stringed instruments were dispensed with and Coniah promptly bought himself a cornet. By raising local subscriptions, he also bought another six brass instruments. Thus, Old Silkstone Band was born.

This is the earliest photograph of Old Silkstone Band taken about 1870-76.

Early records show that Old Silkstone attended the first Whit Friday March Contest in 1884 at Uppermill sharing 3rd place with Hinchliffe Mill, with Wyke Temperance 1st & 2nd Place. The band also attended again in 1885 at Uppermill the results being.. (1) Boarshurst (2) Linthwaite (3) Old Silkstone (4) Holmfirth

The last record of Old Silkstone attending the march contest was 1897 at Uppermill the results being.. (1) Wyke Temperance (2) Holme (3) Old Silkstone